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My Teaching Philosophy

At PeggyGolf, I believe  you learn in a very personal way. Some of us are visual learners, some auditory, and others have to do and feel new things themselves in order to understand and commit them to memory. Whatever your process, I am dedicated to teaching you with the method in which you learn best.


Choosing a coach involves many factors. You and your coach need to be able to communicate effectively, and work together to form a plan that allows you to reach your golf goals. In addition, you should feel comfortable, and feel as though you have input to and get feedback from the learning process.


I use the V1 Digital Coaching System to capture your progress on video. When your lesson is over, I will upload it to my website, where you can revisit your lessons and measure your results. V1 also lets you take your lessons to the range on your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to your lessons anytime.


I also utilize the latest technology from Ping, the iPing Putter app. This  revolutionary tool calculates and tracks your putting  handicap, analyzes your impact angle, classifies your stroke rotation and measures your putting stroke tempo to improve control. It can also help match you to the proper putter model and compare your putting stroke to those of  Tour professionals.



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