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I am a ripe old 76 and have been playing this game since I was a teenager (took some years off though).  I have had likely more than a dozen instructors and three golf schools over the years and never could get to reliable putting, reliable short game or repeatable swing.  In about 6 lessons spaced over two seasons (which were shortened due to surgeries), Peggy changed all that.


I know have a repeatable swing, a putting stroke and short game in which I have confidence, lower scores and much  more fun playing this amazing game.  Peggy gives you just enough to digest and execute without overwhelming you.  She is affirming but also shoots straight on what you need to do.  I could not recommend more highly.



Anchorage, AK

My short game was holding me back from being competitive. Peggy's expertise in shots around the green and analyzing putting took 3 strokes off my game. What I've learned from my lessons with Peggy will serve me no matter where I'm playing or what the conditions are.



Mesa, AZ

After rotator cuff surgery and a hip replacement all in the same year, my golf game was awful. Even though I went through Physical Therapy and got the moving parts healthy again, I couldn't repeat the golf swing I had before the surgeries. Peggy helped me to understand how the physical changes to my body came into play in the golf swing and helped me make the most of my new joints and adapt. My game is even better than it was 5 years ago. Thank you Peggy!



Anthem, AZ

I've taken more golf lessons than I can count on two hands. Peggy made it so simple for me to understand the fundamental things I needed to work on in order to hit the ball straighter and drop my scores.


I feel like I have the tools to play this game well for a lifetime. My confidence level has risen dramatically and golf is 100% fun again.



Phoenix, AZ

Peggy Gustafson is a game changer!! As a junior golfer in Alaska, it has been a tough journey to improve my golf game. I met Peggy a few years ago and she immediately made me want to be a better player. I have always wanted to play college golf but with Peggy’s guidance I now believe I can make that happen. I have played golf since I was 8 years old but quickly found myself settling for a golf game that was less than satisfactory. Peggy helped me understand what I was doing wrong and in fact after every lesson will ask me “Does that make sense”? Peggy wants to make sure I walk away from every lesson knowing that I have the tools to fix a situation that might crop up. Peggy is the perfect coach for the person wanting to learn a new sport as well as the individual that wants to compete.


Thank you Peggy,


Abigail Ante

I started playing golf at 50 and it didn't really occur to me to take lessons so I had a lot of bad habits when I finally decided I needed professional help. Peggy has an unbelievably sharp eye and managed to fix my set up and get me on the correct plane one move at a time.


For me the success of my lessons with Peggy came because she understood that even though I had numerous issues, I couldn't fix them all at once. She knew what I could process and execute. This was key in my ability to practice the right things and make progress. Thanks to Peggy I went from a 14.5 handicap to an 8.3 in just under 2 years. Then I won the Senior Club Championship twice!


Sarah W.

Cave Creek, AZ

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